Morgan State University 2013 Homecoming Fashion Show

On Wednesday, October 2, 2013, ABC, FAM, and IME modeling teams took over the MSU ballroom and showcased “The Glorious Revolt.” This was a sold out show that thoroughly captivated the audience with the many different themes, styles, and collections of clothing.


Each team wore different styles based on the visions of the different designers. Ms. FAM, Nia Snyder, discusses the different collections and the process of putting a show like this together. “It’s very stressful,” says Synder. “It’s a lot of work also.” In addition, she gave a minor description of the collections present in the show. “For this show we have three looks: Avant Grande, Ready to Wear, and Haute Couture… things you can wear anytime, crazy and eccentric pieces, and classic and very high fashion.”

Ja’Von also had the privilege of interviewing Bob and he gave an explanation of what its like being Mr. FAM.

Ja’Von: How does it feel to be Mr. FAM? What comes with the title and what are the responsibilities?

Mr. FAM: It is amazing being Mr. FAM. Since ACCESS orientation, I was interested in being Mr. FAM. Seeing Corley and Victor inspired me to step up my skills, so I could wear the sash one day.

Ja’Von: Tell us about the preparation process for a show.

Mr FAM: What goes into this show? NO SLEEP. For the past month I have not slept, all the organizations have not slept. It’s a lot of work, but we all joined together to make it work.

Ja’Von: Describe being Mr. FAM in three words.

Mr. FAM: “Eccentric, Amazing, and Humble.”


Just like Ja’Von, Sharae was able to get backstage during hair and make-up preparation and get a few quick interviews with the models. First up,  Ajada Thomas, a Senior, who models with IME modeling team.

When asked about preparation for the upcoming fashion show: “A lot of fundraiser’s, a lot of practicing outside of our usual practice days. A lot of group chats (chuckles) to basically keep everything organized and a lot of promoting.”

When asked about how she feels about the upcoming MSU2k13 Homecoming Fashion Show: “The pressure is intensified a lot. Definitely because we are one of the unknown groups on campus especially since we are coming back from a rep. So the pressure is ON.”

When asked what traits should a good model have: “Good personality, style, definitely have the walk, but you don’t really have to have the look because you can always be transformed into something you’re not used to.”

After speaking with Ajada, I was able to snag Ms. FAM (Nia Snyder) away from her busy rehearsal schedule.

Why Nia started modeling: “I started modeling in the 9th grade. I was kind of tall and slender, and I joined he modeling team in high school and the rest is history.”

How she feels about the upcoming MSU2k13 fashion show: “Um, it hasn’t hit me yet but I know I’m gonna probably feel nervous later. I’m not nervous yet, but I know I will be.”

mr and ms sfam

& then I, chopped it up with Mr. FAM (Alexander Boykin):

What sets FAM apart from the other two modeling troops: “Fashion at Morgan gets more of their inspiration from high fashion. One of our inspirations for THIS show was Rick Owens.”

Favorite designer and models: “My favorite designer is Ozwald Boateng, his suits are flawless. I am just a big fan of him. Tyson Beckford and Coca Rocha are my favorite models.”All of the models ended their interview with, “Come out to the show and I hope you enjoy it”.

Some of the designs modeled in the homecoming fashion show were from one of Morgan’s very own students. She took to Instagram to applaud the models on wearing her work very well even though she was not there physically to see them. Other designs by Tristen Savoy.




Designs also by Atelier Grand. . .



ABC, FAM, and IME worked very hard to put the show together, and inevitably received compelling results. “The Glorious Revolt” was an amazing success!

Written By: Sharae Griffin and Ja’Von Hill

Photo Credit: Instagram


theJasmineBRAND CHAT

From creating her own brand to becoming a role model for potential bloggers, NABJ MSU chapter welcomed celebrity blogger, theJasmineBRAND to their very first workshop!


The Jasmine Brand’s workshop was very enlightening taking place in a conversational setting that gave everyone an opportunity to get involved. Maintaining an outgoing, bubbly persona, Jasmine engaged her listeners by providing candid advice pertaining to blogging and her life after college. Jasmine expressed her journey from being a fellow Morganite, which she says helped shape her into the icon she is today. Jasmine partakes in her own blog website ( that promotes what’s happening in pop culture along with celebrity interviews she held; in honor of her sites 2 year anniversary Jasmine published the first issue to the Jasmine Brand Magazine as an extension to her brand. Recently, Jasmine received the “Entrepreneur on the Move Award” that acknowledges all the hard work and talent that tie into her success.

Realizing her struggles becoming theJasmineBRAND, Jasmine provided tips to follow when starting your blog career:

• “Brand yourself” (Be an expert about around your craft and study it.)
• Your Name (nothing too hard for people to understand)
• Secure URL (simplicity is key)
• Whatever it is you write about, find your voice.
• “Tunnel Vision” (Don’t worry about the competition.)
• Don’t be afraid of rejection
• Be Confident.

Jasmine encourages everyone to do what makes them happy no matter the process, for “Success occurs when opportunity and preparedness meets.”

Screen shot 2013-10-10 at 5.51.56 PM



Screen shot 2013-10-10 at 5.52.21 PM

Written By: Briana McEachern-Hill

Morgan State University Association of Black Journalists